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The Planning Board is scheduled to meet on the second Tuesday of each month, as needed.  The Planning Board has the following powers and duties.

Review authority. The Planning Board shall be responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding the following:

  • Amendments to the Zoning Map (rezoning);
  • Amendments to the text of the Unified Zoning Ordinance; and
  • Applications for the creation of a Planned Unit Development District.

Final authority. The Planning Board shall be responsible for final action regarding applications for the following:

  • Major site plan review; 
  • Special use permits;
  • Subdivision review; and
  • Final Planned Unit Development approval.

General authority. The Planning Board may exercise additional powers as directed by the Town Board and as may be described New York State Town Law.

2021 - Planning Board Members

Vacant, Secretary

Lisa Miller, Chair Person                                   

David Kudgus, Vice Chairman                      

Susan McLain                                                             

Tom Crowley                                                               

Scott Forster                                                               

Mark J. Jaros                                                               

Kirsten V. Rose

Colleen Curtin, Alternate Member                                                              


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