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CCA Electricity Program Renewal for [Municipality]

In 2019, Town of Union joined the MEGA Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. Through this program, electricity rates were locked in for all eligible residents and there was access to 100% renewable electricity. Anyone who wished to opt-out was able to do so without a penalty.

We're excited to announce that our community has opted to renew this program for our eligible residents and small businesses with a new, lower fixed rate. The renewal will take place in July. If you have already opted-out you will not be re-enrolled. All eligible residents will receive an opt-out letter in May.

July 2021 Renewal Rates:  

Default (Grid Mix) Rate:

$0.04716 per kWh

Opt-Up Green Rate:

$0.05706 per kWh for a 100% green electricity supply

pdf CCA Update - Q&A Sessions in April

Please see video below for more information on the 2021 CCA Renewal!