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Effective January 1, 2012, private and municipal solid waste haulers and transporters in New York State are prohibited from collecting electronic waste according to the NYS Electronics Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act from the NYS DEC.  As a result of the NYS law, the Broome County Landfill can not accept electronics for disposal in the landfill from private or municipal haulers and transporters.

Town of Union residents (Fairmont Park, Westover and Village of Endicott) can dispose of these electronics at the C&D Yard on Scarborough Drive in Endwell.Click on this link to see  What Can Be Recycled? .

Town of Union Residents 

Click on this link for New Cardboard Recycling Procedures

Recyclable materials are collected once each week on the designated refuse collection day. The Town of Union provides each refuse customer with a recycling container, at no charge. Refuse recycling pick-up begins at 6:00 AM.  To be serviced, materials, in a recycling container, must be out behind the curb by 6:00 AM on collection day.  Recyclables that do not fit in the recycling container may be put in brown paper bags, labeled recycling and placed next to the recycling container.

Holiday Schedule Refuse

Households are required to recycle: Click here for the Broome County Recycling Guide

  • newspapers and magazines;
  • glass and metal cans;
  • plastic containers;
  • corrugated cardboard and single layer cardboard;
  • gray, brown and non-waxy white boxes;
  • "gable-top" cartons and drink boxes;
  • telephone books;
  • magazines and books.
How the service is obtainedThe service is automatically provided
FeesThere are no fees associated with this service.
Inquiries or ConcernsIndividuals with concerns about recyclable collection may call the Office at 786-2980.

Electronics Recycling       Click on this link to see  What Can Be Recycled?

Not to be included with regular refuse recycling.  Electronics are to be taken and disposed of at the Town of Union C&D Yard on Scarborough Dr. in Endwell. 

Also, there’s a $15.00 fee for appliances being dropped off on Scarborough.