Recreation Center


Recreation Center Usage and Dates: Due to the demand by various groups for use of the Recreation Center Gymnasium at Highland Park for indoor sports, the following criteria has been developed. Application procedure: Organizations requesting gym time must completely fill out the Facility Agreement. Agreement must list first and second choices for specific dates and times requested. Time allotments: League play - No limit Team play - 1 1/2 hours Practice sessions - 1 1/2 hours. Requests must be received by the Parks and Recreation Department no later than September 1st. Notification of facility applicants will be made the week of September 21st. Incomplete Facility Agreement forms will be returned and may jeopardize your selection. Confirmed users must submit rosters and insurance certificates at least two weeks prior to use of the facility. No play will occur until these are received! NOTE: User selection will be based on a random selection process maximizing the use of the facility. Town of Union Parks & Recreation programs have priority. To assist us in scheduling, please indicate your group’s priority number on the upper right corner of the Facility Agreement Form using the numbers listed. The usage priorities will be as follows: 1. Town of Union based leagues comprised exclusively of Town residents* 2. Town of Union based leagues comprised of a majority of Town residents* 3. Town of Union based teams comprised exclusively of Town residents* 4. Town of Union based teams comprised of a majority of Town residents* 5.  All others * Addresses will be verified.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Leagues will be given priority to maximize the number of players utilizing the facility. Prior usage will not be a determining factor in selection process in order to assure every organization a fair chance to be allotted gym time.

Recreation Center Fees (Subject to Change) Resident - $35.00/hour Non-Resident - $45.00/hour

Additional Requirements For Use of Recreation Center: Reservations are finalized only after insurance certificates and required fees have been received by the Parks & Recreation Office. No fees, charges, or donations may be collected from spectators of the game or event. All refuse must be collected and placed in the proper receptacles before leaving the reserved area. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of permits. No person shall use any violent, obscene or profane language while on park property, nor shall anyone conduct himself in a disorderly manner or commit any nuisance. Such occurrences may result in the revocation of permits and the arrest of such individuals. All persons are expected to make careful and prudent use of park facilities and will be held responsible for all damage to persons or property. Any violation of park policy, rules or regulations may be cause for revocation of Recreation Center use. The Parks & Recreation office shall be notified of any perceived safety hazards as soon as they are noticed. Failure to use the Recreation Center as scheduled my result in the revocation of permit and refusal to issue permit for succeeding seasons. Contact the Parks & Recreation office immediately if there is a cancellation or the Recreation Center will not be used.

Recreation Center Closing Policy
Schools closed   closed to senior and school programs
Schools 1 hour delay
2 hour delay
1 hour delay (10:00 a.m.)
2 hour delay (11:00 a.m.)
After school activities cancelled   closed to schools
CYO - no games
Town programs   Mike’s discretion