Snow Regulations

The owner or occupant of lands fronting or abutting any street, highway, traveled road, public lane, alley or square shall maintain the sidewalk, including curb-cut areas providing handicapped access, adjoining his or her land free and clear of and from snow, ice and all other obstructions. Such owners or occupants and each of them shall be liable for any injury or damage by reason of omission, failure or negligence to so maintain said sidewalk and handicapped curb-cut area.

Accumulation of snow and ice shall be removed within five hours from the time when snow and/or ice shall be deposited or accumulate or within one hour after notice from the Municipality. Whenever any owner or occupant of adjoining land shall fail to comply with the order to remove snow and ice, it shall be the duty of the Municipal Official to cause said sidewalk to be cleaned, and the expense thereof shall become a lien upon said adjoining premises and shall be assessed against the same.  No person, firm or corporation shall deposit or otherwise place any snow or ice on any street or highway.